Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Skyrim Lich King/Death Knight build

Here's your perk plan. Two handed heavy armor builds are a lot of fun because you have more perks to play around with. I made my Lich King a Nord with long white hair and an enchanted greatsword named Frostmourn, natch. I've said before that I don't care for hybrid builds that much. This one works well because your sword will be your main offense with Conjuration and Destruction for flavor. I use frost spells as my only ranged option. You can see that I spec'ed into Destruction a lot but it's really not necessary. Essentially, I only used it to shoot at dragons when they're hovering overhead. When they're down on the ground, get in their face and cut them to ribbons. You don't need to put perks into Enchanting, but again I did it for role playing flavor. Get yourself kitted out in Daedric armor, summon two Dremora Lords, and smash everything before you.

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