Tuesday, July 22, 2014

We need Jim Ross for this guy

One year ago I never would have believed that Dean Ambrose could succeed as a face. If anything, I had him figured as the guy who would betray his brothers in the Shield. The grease, the mannerisms, his whole persona. Just watch him in his entrance video. You can almost smell the Camels and Jack Daniels on his breath, can't you? There he stands though, the hottest face in the WWE today. He has proven me wrong. Then again, maybe the traditional heel and face labels don't apply to him. He's just Dean freakin' Ambrose. He's like the new Roddy Piper or Brian Pillman.

This last Sunday's PPV was terrible. It almost seemed like Vince wanted to burn it all down out of spite. Almost like clockwork, the Monday Night Raw after a bad PPV was great. The storylines organically developed as the night went on. Stephanie getting arrested was brilliant, and Triple H's reaction was hilarious. Let's hope WWE can keep this level of programming going.

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