Thursday, July 24, 2014

You know what they say about broken clocks

Andrew Sullivan is a useful barometer for trendy mainstream SWPL thinking. Never mind his use of his favorite swear word "Christianist," which roughly translated means, "Christians who try to take their faith seriously and disagree with Andrew Sullivan." Otherwise, I share much of his attitude here.
Every now and again, the absurd that is familiar can become fresh again. What’s absurd is the lockstep support for anything Israel might do in the United States. It’s the only country which, in a conflict with a US administration, will have Congressional Republicans and Democrats backing a foreign government over their own – and being rewarded for it in terms of money and votes. It’s the only country in which a foreign leader can address the US Congress as a rebuke to the US president – and get a standing ovation. It’s the only foreign country that receives $3 billion in aid and still gets to dress down the US president in the White House itself.
Like Vox Day, I'm a Zionist because I'm a nationalist. Jews deserve a homeland as much as anyone else. Where I part ways with many of our separated brethren is I see Israel as just one nation-state among many. We share some principles but Israel is shrewd and often aggressive in looking after its own interests. It's embarrassing to see American politicians stumble over themselves in how much they can abase themselves before the realpolitik of a foreign power. England, at least, had to conquer and occupy Ireland first.

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