Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cynicism makes you think too big

An interview with Michael Voris by one of Father Z's long time commenters:
Some good, young Catholics have fallen into cynicism. What advice can you give them to stay away from this sin, especially at university?
I think the answer to cynicism is action. Anyone can sit around and gripe. You do not get a right to complain if you have not tried to fix the problem. Take a soul to heaven....the problem with cynicism is that it thinks big--What can we do to change the Church? Take that friend who is living with her boyfriend and bring her to God.

In one sense it is incumbent on those who do know the Faith to go out save a soul. Somebody in your sphere... Enjoy the grace to be called
 That's absurd. I am going to change the Church and the entire world with my blog, through my sheer force of will and the power of my Shakespearian prose.

All kidding aside, that's good advice from Voris. It's easy to start regarding everything with a resigned cynicism. I'm frequently guilty of that. We may not be able to change the Church but we can start with one soul we meet in our day to day life. God gives us the leadership we deserve so we should consider our current leadership in both the secular and religious spheres to be a call to repentance.

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