Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Pattern recognition is the source of all the world's troubles

Husbands who call their wives fat may be guilty of domestic abuse:
Husbands who constantly criticise their wives over their weight or appearance may be guilty of domestic abuse, a Labour frontbencher has suggested.
Seema Malhotra, Labour’s new shadow anti domestic violence minister, said such abuse could be part of a wider pattern of ‘controlling behaviour’ which can be as bad as a physical attack.
She said: ‘It can be part of a pattern of controlling behaviour that leaves people feeling fearful and terrorised in their own homes.’
Rape conviction statistics won't improve "until women stop getting drunk:"
Rape conviction statistics will not improve “until women stop getting drunk”, a retiring judge has said, as she is criticised by women's rights campaigners for her "potentially very harmful" remarks.
Judge Mary Jane Mowat, 66, who worked at Oxford Crown Court until earlier this month, said it was difficult to secure convictions when women could not be sure what had happened because they had drunk too much.
She said juries were faced with an impossible task when a case came down to one person's word against another.
I've noticed a pattern: women tend to be eager to codify their feelbad into law so that they won't ever be held responsible for their decisions.