Thursday, August 21, 2014

Scandal on the Internet: Five Guys and the Quinnspiracy

Video has some NSFW language, but otherwise it neatly summarizes the scandal tearing up the world of video game journalism. You almost have to wonder if the whole thing is a put on because it includes pretty much every one of the manosphere's bugaboos: women and social justice warriors spoiling what was traditionally an all male enclave, a self-professed feminist using sex to get ahead in her career, white knights riding to her rescue when she's called out on her actions, lack of journalistic integrity, and a conspiracy of silence. I'm surprised that reddit is censoring this discussion, but I'm astonished that 4chan is doing so. I mean, if 4chan has gone over to the social justice dark side, then truly no one is safe.

I know, video game journalism seems like such a silly thing to get upset over. The last time I seriously read a magazine on video games, I must have been in junior high with a brand new SNES. Video gaming is a billion dollar industry now. For better and mostly for worse, young men and boys now spend most of their creative energies on video games. And much like literature, movies, and music, video gaming has been overrun with obnoxious SJWs who act both as gatekeepers and as kommisars who jealously guard which acceptable messages can be sent through the medium.

Fortunately in this case, it's easier than ever to bypass the gatekeepers. No matter how often these things blow up in people's faces, we never learn that the cover up is frequently worse than the crime. Thanks to the internet, the cover up is not only worse but also impossible.

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