Friday, August 29, 2014

"The problem is that Christians don't have Christian values"

Lots of good comments in this entry by Dalrock:
The other problem is what it teaches the children. Their family was just broken apart and their lives turned upside down. When they ask who did such a terrible thing to them, the parents answer:
Why no one, silly! This kind of chaos is normal, and you should be happy about it like mommy and daddy are. Now sleep well!
This doesn’t mean you have to fight in front of the children or draw them (further) into the process. But lying and pretending no one did this terrible thing to them creates its own problems. It also teaches them in the most up close and personal way possible that neither of their parents believe that solemn vows have any moral force at all.
The other answer we see parents telling children is:
Don’t worry, we both still love you and we always will.
Yet the child knows mommy and daddy made the same promise to each other and are quite happily changing their mind on that. The divorce is proof that one or both parents don’t take their promises to love seriously at all. Yet a promise that both parents love them is supposed to comfort the child.
It's a wonder that non-Christians get married at all these days. Which is more difficult to escape: a five year cell phone contract or a five year marriage?

Divorce utterly destroys children. It just does. Everyone knows this, most of all the divorcing parents. That's why they work so hard to rationalize their decision and furiously resent it when anyone is gauche enough to point out what they're doing to their own children.

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