Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"You can't turn back the clock."

The hell you can't. You should turn back the clock if it's showing the wrong time:
In times of perilous confusion we should take a step back.
Isn’t that perhaps what we do in life? Faced with a confusing situation, difficult to untangle, which makes us worried and perplexed, we pause and then take a step back, avoiding the advance into danger.
It is what we have done with regard to the faith. 

Yes, we believe that illustration renders the idea of our choices. We love the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ and our Mother, we love the Pope and the Bishop, but faced all around us with the evident confusion in Christian life, we reject an advance into ambiguity and uncertainty and we ask for the grace to stay with true Christianity.
Essentially our position is that. Consequently we believe, and we have always believed, that we are not in disobedience.
We would be in disobedience if we had invented “another [type of] Christianity”, if we had invented “our Mass”, “our pastoral work”, our catechism”, if we had recognized “other superiors” outside the ones that the Church has given us in the Pope and Bishop.
We do nothing of this sort.  Judging the new pastoral, the new rite and the new catechesis to be filled with confusion, we have simply availed ourselves of the rights that the Church has always recognized to souls at times of crisis: we follow  past praxis and doctrine of the Church i.e. the sure one, the one before the crisis exploded.
The Church will eventually shift back toward her more traditional praxis if for no other reason that if current trends continue, us right-wing reactionary cranks will be the only ones left.

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