Thursday, September 18, 2014

"But for Wales?"

The heretic Kasper is trying to hide underneath the pope's cassock:
Instead of taking the complete destruction of his false doctrine standing, he runs to the Pope, and says it has always been the Pope's idea. Well, the truth is in one of these: (1) either Kasper is not telling the truth, in which case the Kasper-doctrine of Communion to "remarried" divorcees is purely his own, and he is using the Pope's name as a prop to support his crumbling edifice of doctrinal mess; or (2) Kasper is telling the truth, the so-called Kasper-doctrine on Communion to "remarried" divorcees is the Pope's alone (or a joint Bergoglio-Kasper production), he merely presented it in the consistory to give it a non-papal face, and he now reveals it to save a little bit of his destroyed reputation. If the latter is the case, then the Synod game is up: there is no need for this expensive assembly if the decision on a completely new doctrine for the Church (a doctrine that, since it involves the repudiation of dogma, is something other than "Catholic") is taken beforehand.
Many Cardinals, to their credit, have spoken out against the heretic Kasper. I'm certain that many more Cardinals share his views, but they aren't so gauche as to speak them out loud. One does not ascend the hierarchy of the Catholic Church without being a political animal. Bishops instinctively keep their cards close to their chest. These days they seldom teach or preach outright heresy. As in most things, pay less attention to what they say and more to what they do. The devil is literally in the details. They're remarkably lax in governing and disciplining, except when it comes to Tradition. If Father antagonizes too many people by preaching against divorce or contraception, then he will be banished to the diocesan Siberia.

No offense to any priest readers, but I consider many of your brothers in the priesthood to be a sign that God is angry and wants to punish us.

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