Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when we're part of a team

I'm going to shamelessly steal the term "Everything is Awesome Catholics:"
So what do I expect? 

Rather than a direct assault on marriage, I expect the opposite. What I expect is a nice flowery document re-stating the Catholic doctrine on the indissolubility of marriage. It will include language about the pastoral care of souls in troubled situations, but it will be generally orthodox. But at some point, whether this year or next, or in a post synodal document by the Pope, they will recommend the Bishops conferences to study and implement pastoral guidelines to help those in this situation.

No mandate, no direct assertions on what to do, but just a call for Bishop conferences to study the problem and implement pastoral practices in line with the synodal documents. That is when the horse will be permanently out of the barn. 

Then certain conferences will run wild either directly allowing it or allowing the pastor to decide. You know they will. (See German Episcopal conference) 

The traditionally minded will scream bloody murder while the "everything is awesome" Catholics will only refer to the document of the synod as the mostest wonderfulist re-statement of Catholic teaching ever, ignoring what his happening on the ground. 
That's pretty much what I've expected ever since this Synod was announced. I was surprised when the heresiarch Kasper's opening salvo was a full frontal assault. I'm astonished that the bishops are more or less openly sniping at each other these days. The heretic Kasper is now trying to hide beneath the pope's cassock. His words are incredible, no matter whether he's telling the truth or not. If Kasper had said such a thing about John Paul II or Benedict XVI, I'd have laughed him right off. With Francis... Kasper's story is plausible, if unlikely.

Continuing a theme from yesterday, another reason men are generally done with Christianity is that the Church is no longer seen as a champion of traditional marriage. I realize how ludicrous that sounds given the Church's formal opposition to same-sex "marriage," and the flak she's taken for being anti-sodomite or whatever. In her actual practice in the United States, the Church has been handing out annulments like candy for so long that people think of them as a Catholic divorce. It's a complicated issue because the fault lies in both Church leadership and the laity. Dalrock and Cail Corishev could each get a lot of mileage solely from documenting the bad advice circling around the Catholic corners of the web concerning love and marriage.

A good friend of mine who is married told me that when he and his bride were selecting the readings for their nuptial Mass, both the priest and the nice old lady in charge of marriage prep urged them not to use the selection from St. Paul about wifely submission. They did. The priest used his homily to basically undermine everything St. Paul said. Priests know on which side their bread is buttered. Few of them are willing to risk offending the Nice White Ladies who pay their bills and run their parishes.

I don't presume to know the mind of God, but sometimes I think he's allowed the Church to crumble in order to teach us greater reliance on him instead of man. Or as a wise old priest once told me, "Working with or for the Church will either strengthen your faith or completely destroy it."

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