Friday, September 12, 2014

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son

The Western World has an addiction problem:
The generally accepted definition of addiction is the dependency on a substance. However, addiction manifests itself in many different ways which are not discussed as regularly as they should be. Addiction can be understood as the inability to abstain from any activity which releases neurotransmitters in the brain; most commonly serotonin, endocrines, or dopamine.
Pornography, sex, television and video-games can fall into this category and can become the downfall of many. The underlying reason for addiction is a lack of happiness and fulfillment, leading the addict to compensate for the brain’s shortage of essential “feel-good” chemicals through unfulfilling, hedonistic activities.
Add the breakdown of the family into the mix and you have a recipe for an epidemic of addictions. Anxiety about our social standing appears to be deeply ingrained in our national character:
Tocqueville expresses wonder and awe at the activity of the Americans that he encountered during his visit to the United States in 1830-31. In contrast to the relative complacency of people in their social roles in aristocratic Europe—where no amount of work, effort or activity could move one either from the ranks of the aristocrats to the commoners, or vice-versa—Americans live daily with the awareness that their station in life is one of variability, potential, and fragility. The result was a society that was, by appearances, industrious, but more deeply riven with anxiety. Thus, Tocqueville was moved to call this condition one of “restlessness,” or “inquietude,” the inability to be “quiet” or still or in a state of quiescence.
We self-medicate with booze, drugs, sex, porno, video games, TV and any number of addictions to relieve our social anxiety. Always wanting to get ahead has made America the world's great superpower but it's come at a heavy social cost.

If I knew what to do about these things, I wouldn't indulge my internet addiction. Analysis paralysis is a real thing which affects many men. Choose one option or set one goal and pursue it to completion. Then move on to the next. Having a mission in life can cure many an addiction. Idleness is what gets most of us in trouble. Civilization depends on delayed gratification. Discipline hurts but you won't survive long without it. Unfortunately, many men grew up without a father. That's not to say mothers are incapable of instilling discipline, but women are inclined toward protection whereas men are inclined toward toughening the kid up.

Speaking of which, I need to toughen myself up and begin stockpiling supplies and ammo. I might be an old man when it happens but I expect the United States to break up within my lifetime.

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