Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It's like we're fundamentally broken in some way

Cail Corishev offers an important reminder:
The traditional Christian viewpoint is that it's Original Sin. Eve violated her husband's headship by eating the apple without his permission and then encouraging him to follow her example, so her descendants are cursed with the temptation to commit the same sin. Ever seen a woman in a restaurant second-guessing her husband's order and commenting on how much salad dressing he uses? It's the apple all over again.
There's a lot of justified bitterness in the manosphere about the injustice of Marriage 2.0 among other things. We shouldn't see women as the enemy though. They've been raised on the same lies that we have. That's not to absolve them of responsibility for their bad decisions, but many women are as miserable as men under feminism and liberalism. You don't need to peruse blogs to know that those two irrational and inhuman ideologies have created an ocean of human misery. Normal women want to be wives and mothers. Granted, they want the highest status man they can get, but most women aren't as happy working in marketing and HR as they would be as wives and mothers. They've been raised from birth to go against their most hard wired instincts.

If you ask any woman raised in a postmodern liberal society what she wants out of life, she'll likely parrot the script: get a college degree, begin a career, and then think about marriage.
At least that's what she'll say. Pay less attention to what women say and more to what they do. Marriage will be put on the backburner. In her youth she'll be treated as a rock star with CEO potential no matter where she works. Hordes of thirsty guys will validate her ego and maybe she'll sleep with or practice serial monogamy with the alphas. If an earnest young man lets slip that he's looking for a wife and not a girlfriend, she'll split. She has to earn her feminist merit badges.

What the world doesn't tell them is that her career isn't going to be there for her in her old age. Most women instinctively know this no matter how much they try to rationalize it away. It's amazing how quickly they change when they meet a man as opposed to a nice guy. Nice guys are like the furniture. Confident men sorely tempt them to throw the script in the trash.

Original Sin wounds us all. Women seem particularly tempted to rebellion. No matter how much they may feign offense, they crave male dominance. If you cede headship of your marriage to your wife, she will soon come to despise you with a seething hatred not even rapists can inspire. If you're a naysayer or an ankle biter, try it yourself. Tell a woman in your life to shut up. Tell her you're not interested in her opinion. If she henpecks you as you're working on something, then tell her she can do the damn thing herself. In short, don't put up with her bullshit. You'll be amazed at the results.

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