Thursday, September 18, 2014

My loins are girt

If every bishop on earth was put on trial for the faith, most of them would be acquitted. Sometimes I think God has allowed this to happen to his Church to strengthen the faithful remnant for even greater trials ahead. We can no longer implicitly trust the bishops to teach the orthodox Catholic faith, or even to have simple human decency anymore. We have to actively engage the Faith. We have to learn it ourselves. We are responsible for the state of our own souls. It's wonderful to have a pastor and a bishop who are both solid in doctrine and gird up their loins like men to speak in bold declarative sentences. Most of us are not so fortunate anymore. It's tempting to give in and go with the flow. All serious Catholics have heard Satan whispering in their ear, "Don't be such an extremist. Stop being so divisive. You'll never get anything done that way. You won't have a place at the table. You'll be ostracized and cast out."

I have first hand experience with being cast out for making waves. It hurt, but I regret nothing. I refuse to submit to the pampered and perfumed bureaucrats who repeatedly assure us that everything is fine. Do they really care so little about the salvation of souls? Are they really so timid in the face of the world yet so vindictive against good men and women like Father Hardon and Mother Angelica?

Their actions speak louder than their words. I fear for their souls and pray for their conversion. We lay people have to go it alone more often than not. Bad bishops we have always had with us but we cannot let them drive us out. The Catholic faith is too precious a gift to give up that easily. The bishops are not the faith. Jesus Christ is. Gird up your loins like a man. Take refuge in prayer, penance, and Scripture. Don't back down when the Church of Nice crowd tries to shame you into silence.

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