Thursday, October 16, 2014

I'll be damned if they get the better of us again without a fight

Many thanks to the good men and women at Rorate Caeli for keeping the Kasperite heretics' feet to the fire.

You don't have to take their word for it though. Even non-Trad mainstream conservative sources like the National Catholic Register and Father Z are acknowledging that the fix may be in.

I wasn't even alive during the 1960s, but it seems like Vatican II all over again. The progressives bum rushed the poor bewildered Trads before they could even get their boots on back then. It looks as though the liberals and heretics are about to do so again. Thanks to the internet, they can no longer do so in secret at least.

If nothing else, this debacle should teach lay Catholics to stop being so docile. There's a long ingrained reluctance to ever criticize clerics about anything, ever. That can be a good thing when we're presenting a united front against the world. But we've taken it to ridiculous extremes. One of the problems is that the average Catholic knows so little about the faith. Sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous though. Catholics trust their priests and bishops to be orthodox at the very least, but we can't take this for granted anymore. We haven't been able to take it for granted for decades.

We have a duty to know our faith well enough to recognize the wolves in sheep's clothing our Lord warned us about. And very often those wolves will be wearing Roman collars. Some people have thrown up their hands in despair saying that even if we're aware of what the heretics are up to, there's nothing we can do to stop them. Maybe not from a worldly perspective. We can always pray. Prayer is even more important when we can't take direct action. Pray that the good and orthodox bishops may have the courage to say no to the Kasperite heretics and even Pope Francis if necessary. And pray that God have mercy on our souls, because it's a sign that he's very angry with us when he allows his Church to fall into the hands of worldly heretics like Kasper.


  1. All those moments will be lost... like farts.. during an earthquake...October 16, 2014 at 9:53 PM

    Yeah, they ain't gonna get us without a fight! (rapid gunfire) We're not gonna take this anymore! (rapid gunfire noise fades to the tapping of keys on a keyboard) It's time to do our duty and pick up our cross! (person leans back in office chair) The war of our time has begun.

    1. I need wittier ankle biters. I give your trolling a 4/10.