Thursday, October 2, 2014

On the evil that women do

If nothing else, the manosphere serves as a reminder that women are fallen creatures too. Traditionalists and conservatives give lip service to Original Sin and our particular sins, but there's a definite unwillingness to hold women accountable the same way we do men. Instead of recognizing the sins to which women are prone and telling them to knock that shit off, we generally take it as a given and figure out ways to work around it. For example, let's suppose a man feels bored and trapped at his job. He quits, he lies around the house in despair for a few weeks, and then he decides to take a round-the-world vacation so he can find himself and hook up with lots of hot babes. Meanwhile, his wife and children are stuck at home without any means of supporting themselves while dad is gallivanting around the globe.

Most of us would tell the man to stop it. If he felt bored and trapped by his job, we'd tell him to suck it up because he has a responsibility to himself and to his family. If a woman feels bored and trapped in her marriage, the world encourages her to blow it up and take an Eat-Pray-Love break for herself. Tradcons would say that if her hubby was doing his job, she'd have never felt tempted to blow up the marriage. Many Churchian institutions would no doubt encourage the wife to threaten frivorce as a means to getting her husband to man up.

Perhaps the main problem with a society swimming in feminism is that men are still expected to fulfill their traditional roles while women are not. Men are slowly recognizing that the old social contract doesn't work anymore and are wisely deciding to drop out.

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