Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The crisis of the Church is a crisis of bishops indeed

We should keep praying of course, but I admit it's a bit discouraging that the leaks are telling us that the fix is in:
A 6,000-word document, made available in the original Italian, and excellent English, French, German, Spanish translations immediately on early Monday Morning "summarizing" the views of the first week of the Synod that had ended on Friday evening, with details published on Saturday morning? So in one full day, Sunday (or in 2 days, 48 hours, if all hours of Saturday are included, with no time for meals or sleep), the rapporteur and his secretaries gathered the views of all the Fathers, identified and separated those portions that had more widespread support and thus represented a truly Synodical opinion, wrote, and translated this 6,000-word report? Has the Vatican suddenly become the most efficient bureaucracy in the history of the universe?

Or was it all simply prepared and translated beforehand, to create "facts on the ground" that could not be reversed and created pressure on the Synod Fathers during this second week
Ideally, it should be the bishops who guide, cajole, and when necessary kick lay people in the ass to keep them away from rank heresy. In the 21st century Catholic Church, it's usually the other way around.

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