Saturday, October 11, 2014

The New Evangelization done right

Earlier this week we had a good meeting. Our speaker was Fr. Matthew Spencer, OSJ, rector of the Oblates' seminary in Loomis, CA. The topic was the prevalence of evil and the resurgence in occult practices over the last few decades. When true religion is on the decline, superstition will increase (though dimwitted heathens often conflate the two.) We laugh at things like ouija boards, tarot cards, seances, etc. The danger is that we open ourselves up to the demonic when we take them seriously. If you are intentionally trying to make contact with the other side, whatever or whoever speaks to you is of demonic origin, period. Don't do it.

The real work came after the talk ended. We always hold them at the Kilt Pub on Arden in Sacramento. Afterward, as is our wont, a bunch of us were drinking and smoking. A man bummed me for a smoke. He overheard some of our conversation and he was fascinated. Brad was a good man. He's of the typical American Christian type: God exists, Jesus died for our sins, but otherwise don't let it affect your life too much beyond trying to be a generic good person. Our leader got him interested in our monthly lectures and he expressed interest in attending next month. God works in mysterious ways indeed.

The New Evangelization is primarily aimed at fallen away Catholics who were cheated out of a good formation in the faith. But we still have to reach out to the godless heathens and the Protestants as well. The bars and clubs are where many of them are at. There's more to life than getting drunk and hooking up with bar skanks pal. Let's get out there and do some good work.

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