Saturday, January 31, 2015

I can't decide whether we're Athens or Rome

Mitt Romney realizes no one wants him as president:
In a talk with his eldest son, Tagg, between runs down the mountain on Monday, Mr. Romney, 67, said he had all but decided against a third bid for the White House. The conversation, according to a person familiar with it, came after days of increasingly gloomy news reached the Romney family.

Donors who supported him last time refused to commit to his campaign. Key operatives were signing up with former Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida. The Republican establishment that lifted Mr. Romney to the nomination in 2012 in the face of scrappy opposition had moved on.

The news on Friday that Mr. Romney would opt out of the race revealed as much about the party in 2015 as it did about the former Massachusetts governor’s weaknesses as a candidate. Republican leaders, especially the party’s wealthiest donors, are in an impatient and determined mood. They are eager to turn to a new face they believe can defeat what they anticipate will be a strong, well-funded Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton....
A third Bush is a "new face?" The Republicans have a unique talent for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. A few Republicans might grumble about dynastic politics during the primaries. But if 2016 turns out to be Hillary vs Jeb, I've no doubt they'll fall in line like good soldiers and frantically rave about how it's the most important election of our lifetimes. I live in California so my vote for president is essentially meaningless anyway. Even if I lived in a swing state, I'd stay home and write more scintillating blog entries which contribute to the common good far more than voting does. What other option do I have when they're both open borders lunatics?

The Overton Window becomes narrower and narrower the older I become. The next step is to do away with the secret ballot. I'm surprised it hasn't occurred to the Social Justice Warriors yet that many US citizens are no doubt racist, sexist, homophobic and transphobic, and yet they're free to cast their ballots for whomever they wish without leaving a paper or electronic trail. They need to be exposed for their voting habits so they can be publicly shamed and lose their livelihoods. Judges have repeatedly overturned voters initiatives which have declared the obvious truth that marriage is only one man united with one woman. They need to overturn elections that turn back the tide of progress.

The decline and fall of the United States was inevitable. No merely human institution lasts forever. It still saddens me. The United States is my home. For all of its many problems, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. As a Catholic, I believe any society that divorces itself from God only hastens its fall and tempts his wrath. As someone who took the Red Pill, I can see the specific ways in which the US has sealed its doom. I've never understood the liberal mania for getting as many warm bodies to the polls as possible. The Founding Fathers were on to something when they restricted the franchise. It might be a good idea to restrict the franchise to the married-and-never-divorced male heads of households with at least one legitimate child in whatever society arises from the ashes of the old republic.

Sometimes I wonder why God called me into being at this point in time when everything is crumbling. Maybe it's his way of asking us once again to not put our trust in princes.

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  1. Sometimes I wonder why God called me into being at this point in time when everything is crumbling. Maybe

    I ask myself this all the time. I still have no concrete answer, and I suspect that I won't until whatever dark epiphany lies ahead comes about.