Tuesday, January 20, 2015

One of these things is not like the others

Reality versus "Marriage:"
It should be made clear first that no one is preventing homosexuals from living, simpliciter – no Western state is killing them solely on account of their homosexuality (it’s different in dar al Islam) – and, since they are people, they are ipso facto living like people. No one is making them live like dogs or pigs or raccoons.
So homosexuals are not agitating for the right to marry each other in order to escape some egregious oppression that prevents them from living human lives. The reason homosexuals want all of us to say that they can marry each other is that they want to be treated *as if* they were living like heterosexuals, without the irksome requirement of actually living like heterosexuals. No one is preventing them from going ahead and living like heterosexuals, of course. But they don’t want to do that. No; they just want everyone to say that homosexuals are really no different from heterosexuals, and ought therefore to be treated the same way that heterosexuals are treated, in every respect. This despite the fact that (as they are convinced) they really are different, and despite the fact that their difference is crucially important to them, in that (so they feel) it makes them what they are: homosexuals, rather than heterosexuals.
They want to be different and not different. This incoherence isn't restricted to the homosexual lobby but is intrinsic to liberalism itself. Liberalism demands equal rights for all, but a "right" is by definition discriminatory. If I own property, I get to discriminate against trespassers. If I'm married, I discriminate against all women who are not my wife, and wives discriminate against all men who are not their husbands (one hopes.) Liberalism demands that we discriminate without discriminating. This inevitably results in anarcho-tyranny.
But it’s no good. It can’t be done. Heterosexuals – especially heterosexual men – can forebear to express their disgust at homosexual sex, but they cannot stop feeling it. If they could, they would, for then they’d be indifferent about the sex of their lovers, and so able to venture forth in search of some homosexual sex, which is much easier to come by than the heterosexual sort. But this won’t happen, because heterosexuals don’t want homosexual sex. They find it revolting. That’s what makes them heterosexuals. This will prevent them from expressing any genuine, honest approval of homosexual sex. And this will ruin the approval that homosexuals hope will be conferred on their perversion by legalization of homosexual marriage. They won’t get approval; they’ll get “approval.”
 What's more, everyone will know that we are giving "approval." Therefore, they will demand ever more draconian penalties for those who withhold their approval. "Are you now or have you ever been opposed to marriage equality?"
Reality will win the war over homosexual marriage, too. The West may “valorize” it by making it legal, may even force people to “approve” of it. But this “approval” will be no more real than the “money” that the Soviet regime used to pay its employees, or the “work” they did. It will all be a pretense, a Potemkin village. And sooner or later it will blow away in a stiff wind, just like the USSR. In the meantime it will cost us plenty of misery and hassle and money, to be sure, and many lives will be ruined. It will be a disaster, as falsehood ever is. But then, that’s why it will eventually fall apart. Eventually the horse of “marriage” will be lying there, dead, and no amount of flogging will keep it going. At that point, there will be nothing to do, but bury it.
I'm not confident about the future of civilization within my lifetime. I expect the complete socio-economic collapse of the West to begin no later than the 2030s. I'm confident about civilization in the long run. Liberalism is as irrational and inhuman as its red headed step children fascism and communism. It's as doomed to failure as they were. It's unfortunate that it will take another ocean of blood before another failed ideology is discarded in history's dust bin.

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