Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Today is about more than green beer and drunken white girls

St. Patrick is my confirmation saint. I chose him (or perhaps he chose me) because he was one of the great missionaries. He was born a Roman-British citizen and kidnapped by Irish slave traders as a teenager. He spent several years living as the lowest of the low without grumbling against Divine Providence or abandoning his Christian faith. Eventually he managed to escape and went on to be ordained a priest and bishop. He returned to the people who robbed him of his childhood and introduced them to the One True Faith.

I thought that in honor of St. Patrick, I'd do a Free Northerner style Lightning Round:

St. Patrick "rooted up infidelity, and planted catholicity in this country."

Patrick spent his entire Lent summit of a desolate peak called Cruachan-Aighle near Loch Derg, weeping for the sins of men.

The venerable Catholic Encyclopedia has a lengthy hagiography of Patrick, along with the full text of his famous "breast plate."

A real Saint Patrick's Day

The slave that saved a nation

The field of St. Patrick's labors was the most remote part of the then known world.

King James II: the last Catholic king of Ireland

Recipes for today. To be accompanied by good Irish booze of course.

Some of the well known myths and legends about the saint.

The Ice Age, and not Saint Patrick may be responsible for Ireland's dearth of snakes.

It's a pity St. Patrick's Day has degenerated into an ethnic pep rally.
Related: There is a long, rich tradition among Irish-Americans of dissent and resisting the Church.

Oh, not now for songs of a nation's wrongs,
not the groans of starving labor;
Let the rifle ring and the bullet sing
to the clash of the flashing saber!

Listen all ye that hold communion
With Southern Confederates who are bold,
And I will tell you of some men for the Union
Who in northern ranks were enrolled;
They came to Missouri in their glory
And thought at their might we'd be dismayed;
But they soon had a different story
When they met Kelly's Irish Brigade.

This is a great song for a pit fight.


  1. Thanks for the link! May God bless you this Lent.

  2. "Today is about more than green beer and drunken white girls"

    Do other ethnicities in the USA not celebrate secular Saint Patrick's day?