Monday, March 2, 2015

Wise as serpents, gentle as doves

Last night's topic at LifeTeen was the dignity of woman. My buddy the youth minister told me to be on my best behavior because one joke or one "offensive" comment would bring heat down on his head. He's been married for 9 months and already has an infant daughter, so I'll refrain for his sake. Again, if it were me I'd calmly inform the angry soccer moms and beta males, "It's not Beefy Levinson telling your daughters to be submissive to their husbands, it's St. Paul and St. Peter inspired by the Holy Spirit. Your problem isn't with me, it's with God. Take it up with him. Now piss off."

On some level, I can respect the Godless heathen or the born-and-raised Protestant. They're wrong, but they generally act in accordance with the principles that have been instilled in them since birth. In contrast, the Barque of St. Peter is rife with saboteurs and traitors among its own crew who are doing their utmost to sink it. It's not just this one parish where I volunteer. It's happening to my Metropolitan Archbishop:
Realizing that the best way to fight any war is to first wage a media campaign to convince others that the cause is noble and the enemy evil, opponents of Salvatore Cordileone, the archbishop of San Francisco, have brought in the infamous public-relations maven Sam Singer to escalate the war over the issue of whether San Francisco’s Catholic schools should actually be Catholic.
 Singer has launched a media blitz to defeat the archbishop’s policy, claiming to have been hired by “concerned parents” who oppose the archbishop’s instruction that teachers in the diocesan schools should teach in communion with the Church. On Ash Wednesday, LGBT protesters, dressed in black, held a vigil that the San Francisco Weekly described as bearing “the signature slickness of a Singer campaign, drawing news coverage across San Francisco, and all the way down to Santa Cruz.”
Catholics need to make up their minds about our expensive educational establishment. If a Catholic school is nothing but a refuge for wealthy secular liberals who don't want their children getting stabbed by black and Mexican gangbangers in the public schools, then frankly we don't need Catholic schools. If I ever have children, I most likely will not send them to a Catholic school. They can be formed into pagans much more cheaply in a public school. Naturally, the wealthy secular liberals are shocked, shocked that his Excellency expects Catholic schools to be Catholic. If you don't like it, leave.
In his war against the Church in San Francisco, Singer is using the media in the same way, feeding them stories of “concerned Catholic parents” and oppressive clergy. The stories seem to have had an impact. The editors at the San Francisco Chronicle recently asserted that while they would not “quarrel with Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s determination to ensure that his rigid interpretation of Church doctrine is taught at four Catholic high schools,” he “could not be more out of touch with the community he has been assigned to serve.” 
Every marginally orthodox bishop and priest is charged with being out of touch with the community. On the contrary, the community should be told that they are out of touch with truth and reality.
This is what makes the battle with Singer so hard to fight: His side gets to play by a different set of rules. Archbishop Cordileone does not have the luxury of the multiplicity of truths that Singer can deploy. Singer’s arsenal includes a Twitter feed filled with statements proven to be false — for example, this from February 25: “San Francisco Archbishop Will Purge Gay, Lesbian and Pro-Choice Teachers.” Singer must know that is false, because Cordileone has stated several times that he has no intention of firing teachers simply because of their sexual orientation or beliefs. Rather, the archbishop is concerned that the teachers in Catholic schools simply teach the truth of the Catholic Church — through their actions and their words.
Bonald had an excellent insight the other day: at Vatican II, the Church locked herself into mid-20th century illusions about a pro-Christian form of liberalism. Cordileone is saying he won't fire any rank heretics or public sodomites. Does anyone think they're going to extend us the same tolerance? If anything, the bishops should be utterly ruthless in weeding out the non hackers who are entrusted with forming the next generation of Catholics. They've already lost two generations and are on track to lose a third. If you allow known heretics, atheists, or public sodomites to teach Catholic children, then how serious are you about forming them?
The San Francisco Weekly is predicting that the archdiocese will lose, that “Singer will steer the archbishop’s already unpopular anti-LGBT slam into a Singer-defined narrative. . . . Right or wrong, Cordileone probably doesn’t have a prayer.” That’s false. Archbishop Cordileone has an abundance of prayers — of countless Catholics across the country who are increasingly alarmed by the attacks on their Church. Faithful Catholics are beginning to mobilize under the leadership of their own courageous bishops and priests. Prayer is powerful. When combined with a willingness to fight back, it can be unstoppable. This war is not over. The fight has just begun.
 Pope Francis is in many ways the apotheosis of the Spirit of Vatican II. He and his court believe that the world isn't such a bad place after all and we can play nice with them in peace and brotherhood. This is, to put it lightly, delusional. The world has been and always shall be our enemy. And in this war against the world, you can always count on the so-called moderates to say of their allies what they're too yellow to say of their enemies. Lead, follow, or shut your goddamn coward mouth and stay out of the way.

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