Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore: Admit it, you knew

Californians decided to build some of their biggest cities close to a major fault line. Business owners and other Marylanders who just want to make a living and get on with their lives decided to live in Baltimore which is a vibrant and diverse community. Once in a while earthquakes knock down our buildings in California. Once in a while feral vibrants enthusiastically demonstrate the virtues of multiculturalism. In both cases I can sympathize with the people who lose their property, their livelihoods, or even their lives in the ensuing chaos.

But then I think, "You knew this was going to happen. You knew an earthquake could wipe everything out. You knew the vibrants would do this eventually." To everyone who lives outside of Baltimore, admit it: when you heard rioting was going on, you knew.

Now ask yourself how it is you knew who was responsible before you saw anything in the news.


  1. Ideally the vibrants would be forcibly shipped off to that most vibrant of continents, Africa. There they would at last be free of the white man and his despotism. Never again would they be subject to such white curses as books, hospitals, electricity, the internal combustion engine &c &c. True and perfect happiness would be theirs at last.

  2. The president is now in trouble with some on the left for calling the rioters "thugs". Must be the evil white genes his mother gave him!