Thursday, April 16, 2015

Strong female voters at work

Republicans are worse than useless:
Hillary’s official announcement video was devoid of a clear campaign message — but does she really need one other than, “It’s time for a woman president”? Running as a historic candidate will be her default position — with her mantra being that “It’s time,” rather than that it’s her time. And she will downplay, of course, the fact that her last attempt was hijacked by the first African-American nominee. Writing as a Republican baby-boomer woman, I cannot emphasize enough how emotionally rewarding it would be for Democratic and Independent baby-boomer women to elect the first female president. Older women feel this way too — my 89-year-old mother in her nursing home recently spoke these exact words: “It’s time for a woman president.” And those raised on girl power — women aged 50 and younger, who twice helped elect President Obama — are the most rah-rah for “It’s time.”
Team Woman usually trumps everything else for female voters. The professed principles of the candidate don't matter. What matters is that "it's time" for a woman, any woman, to be president. And this coming from a Republican!

Still, a Hillary victory is far from inevitable, even if the Republicans are dumb enough to nominate Jeb. The Democratic Party is a coalition of the fringes with only one thing that unites them: hatred of core Americans. Barack Obama can be charismatic despite his essentially introverted personality, and it takes a charismatic figure to hold together the blacks, Hispanics, Asians, feminists, gays, trannies, Godless heathens, and other fringes that make up the Democratic Party.

Hillary is many things but I doubt that even her closest friends would call her charismatic. In 2008 and 2012, young SJWs, hipsters, SWPLs, and the various squabbling tribes of the Coalition of the Fringes were eager to vote for the cool black guy and put the boring white guy in his place. It's like something out of an uplifting movie, isn't it? I'm not sure young people will be as excited to vote for the boring old white lady.

The Democrats are praying that Hillary doesn't face any challengers in the primary. The Republicans are shaping up to have a robust field, but the Democrats want a coronation. The less their coalition has to compete for Pokemon Victim points, the better.

I've never understood the liberal mania for getting as many warm bodies to the polls as possible. I'm all in favor of bringing back poll taxes, literacy tests, and property requirements. Remember friends: voting is for chumps.

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  1. Hillary will be the next President. The Republican establishment would rather have Hillary that a conservative Republican. On that point they are on the same page as the Democrats.