Thursday, April 2, 2015

Voting is for chumps, part 868990

The Most Important Thing In The World ends with a whimper:
Washington (CNN)Indiana's social conservatives wanted a law that insulated them from the gay rights movement. Instead, the state has now enacted protections based on sexual orientation for the first time in its history. 
Top Indiana Republican lawmakers overhauled their week-old religious freedom law Thursday with a follow-up measure intended to ease concerns driven by businesses that it could lead to discrimination. Gov. Mike Pence then signed it into law.
 2016 is going to be touted as the most important election of our lifetime, just like the last four presidential races. Older folks are going to tell younger folks that if we don't vote, we have no right to complain. Republican party stalwarts are going to say that we must vote for the GOP or the babies will get it. During the primaries, we will be urged to vote for the electable candidate. In the general, we will be told that voting third party is throwing our vote away.

All laws are an authoritative discrimination in favor of one alternative among many. You literally cannot have a government or a business that does not discriminate. Liberalism is incoherent because it asks us to discriminate without discriminating while pretending it doesn't do this. In practice, this results in anarcho-tyranny. It's not a coincidence that the more we publicly profess tolerance and diversity, the larger and more powerful the State must grow to ensure we don't oppress each other.

The center does not exist. A 21st century conservative would have been considered a moderate forty years ago, a socialist 70 years ago, a communist 100 years ago, an anarchist 200 years ago, and insane 400 years ago. We're caught up in the Hegelian Mambo.

Conservatives and Republicans are always going to lose because they are actually right-liberals. You have to accept the premises of liberalism to participate in public life, no matter how insignificantly. Right-liberals cannot out-liberal the left-liberals. Some of them outright say that they are "conserving" the classical liberalism of the Founding Fathers. They cannot or will not accept that the modern managerial State is classical liberalism all grown up.

As soon as left-liberals throw out the dreaded D word - discrimination - right-liberals bend over backwards to deny the charges. "How dare you accuse me of such a despicable crime! I love multiculturalism and diversity and some of my best friends are X, it's you liberals who are Y and it's us conservatives who are the true Z-ists!"

The only way to come out ahead in a rigged game is not to play in the first place. Right-liberals will never break the cycle until they learn to laugh at social justice warriors, whose complaints are seldom worth more than contemptuous dismissal. When someone accuses you of racism, sexism, homophobia, tranny-phobia or discrimination against whoever has the most Pokemon victim points this week, the correct responses are either "lol" or "Yeah, so what?"

I don't know how many more times Republicans have to cave before conservatives get the point. If you believe that your one vote for president or governor is going to restore anything resembling a sane society ordered toward the common good, you need to take the red pill, so to speak. The Republican Party is influenced by the CEOs and the CEOs are not on your side.

If you're going to fight liberalism, you cannot win if you use the enemy's weapons. You can't use the One Ring so that good may come of it. They're already moving more quickly. Deal with the liberal State when you must, but don't accept its principles or else you've already lost.


  1. No Christian, in the wake of Indiana, has any excuse to continue voting Republican. Hopefully, this can only enlarge the ranks of those who do not wish to participate in the state, but would rather torch it to the ground like the giant pagan wicker man it is.

  2. Anyone who thought there was any point in voting has been totally disabused by the 2016 election. The sweep of Republicans has resulted in zero and the Leftist agenda continues unabated.

    1. Doh! Make that the 2014 election. 2016 is when Hillary will become President.