Saturday, May 2, 2015

Diversity and our civic religion

These are the six cops charged with the death of Freddie Gray:

Three are black, and one is a woman. If some of them came out as gay or trans, it would be a lot closer to the perfect picture of diversity. Clearly the Baltimore PD needs to hire more Mexicans and Asians. If George Zimmerman was a "white Hispanic," maybe the media will start describing these people as "white blacks."

It's difficult to overstate how eager the media is to prosecute its crusade against the Straight White Male menace. Before the mugshots came out, it appeared to be the perfect case: evil white cops murdering innocent black baby bodies. As with Duke Lacrosse, Trayvon, Ferguson, and UVA the story has blown up in their faces once again. A few fabrications here and a few withheld facts there are a small price to pay for the greater truth of White Evil and our desperate need to make whitey pay. As Tom Wolfe might say, the search for the Great White Defendant goes ever on.

One of the problems here is the myth of human equality. Christendom recognized that all men were created equal in the eyes of God. We are all equal in the sense that the black thug was made in the image and likeness of God just as much as the law-abiding white man. We share God's image and likeness in the sense that we all have souls, intellects, and free will. Of course even in the Christian sense of the phrase, there are some caveats to remember when pondering equality. The saintly monk performing his duties in the monastery lives a life more pleasing to God than the unrepentant prostitute, thief, or serial killer. The parable of the talents is illustrative here: some men are given more talents than others but God judges us based on how we use what he gives to us. The servant who buried his talent in the ground was condemned. If he had simply put it in the bank to earn interest, that would have been just as pleasing to God as the servant who received ten talents and made ten more.

In the secular sphere, it's obvious to anyone with eyes in his head that all men are not created equal. There are many, many people in the world who are smarter and more talented than I am, to say nothing of those who are richer, taller, in better shape, or better looking than I am. And that's okay. That's just the way things are. There will always be someone, living or dead, superior to you in any quantifiable sense. Our mission is to do the best we can with what we are given or what we earn.

Blacks are disproportionately more aggressive, have shorter time preferences, and average IQs one standard deviation below the average IQ of whites. Progressives are horrified by that notion. They believe that if it becomes widely accepted among the general population then we'll elect the cryogenically frozen brain of Adolf Hitler president and commence the slaughter, or something. Besides showing the futility of modern education policies, what practical effects would acceptance of race realism have on public policy? I expect our Godless heathen overlords would be more explicit about wealth transfers as a way of preventing riots.

Since the idea of an orderly hierarchical universe created by God is no longer allowed in the public square, we have to accept human equality as a matter of faith in our civic religion. But if all human beings are perfectly equal in every way, then how does the secular progressive explain the persistent gap in academic and economic performance of the black and Hispanic population? It has to be the fault of Straight White Men since we supposedly have our privilege and power and wealth. In liberal cosmology, existentially there must always be an evil oppressor to overcome. There must always be some non-liberal untermenschen standing in the way of the free and equal liberal superman, self-created through his own reason and will.

The liberal order only allows things like our education, our careers, or other things we choose to define our identities. They constantly complain about the dearth of minorities in various fields because they need evidence to support their faith in human equality. But if you don't believe that all human beings are equal, then life becomes much simpler. If some people are less intelligent than others, then you help them use the gifts they have to the best of their ability. Encourage them to enter the skilled trades or find solid blue collar work that will enable them to raise intact families (except we've outsourced most of the old blue collar work.)

The myth of Zero Group Differences is the only thing separating the liberal from the Nazi, so they'll work hard at maintaining the myth, no matter how much social dysfunction ensues.

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  1. You elucidate the difference between the equal nature of our value before God, and the lie of our utile equality. Human Biodiversity is incontrovertible. The spiritual white race is very much different in its temperament than the spiritual black race. That's not a hate crime by reality, in fact it gives the world some of its more interesting aspects.

    What I have concluded from Baltimore and various other manifestations of this black rage is that as terrible as Modernity is suited to white men, it is suited even worse to black men. They were not made for this kind of system and that is why they cannot help but fail in it. It's not the oppression of the evil white man, it's the nature of blacks themselves.