Thursday, May 21, 2015

More advice to young men on college and jobs

Continuing with our theme from last night, I'm almost twice as old as this year's graduating class of high school seniors. If you men had a childhood similar to mine, your parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and pretty much everyone in your life has been urging you to go to college or else you'll be a loser who flips hamburgers at McDonald's for the rest of your life. Take it from me gentlemen: I know plenty of college graduates who can't even get hired at McDonald's these days and who are drowning in the mortgage levels of debt they took on to pursue a useless college degree.

The liberal arts have a bad reputation in right-wing circles, and many of their criticisms are true. If you study the liberal arts at most universities, you are paying a lot of money to be fed left-wing propaganda from tenured radicals who hate and fear us white cishet shitlords with all the passion of their misspent lives. That reality makes me angry because I'm a true believer in the liberal arts. Literature, art, music, philosophy... these are the things that separate us from the beasts who only eat, sleep, fornicate, repeat. In a perfect world, teachers would instill in their charges a love of the arts and a commitment to preserving the best we've inherited from our ancestors and encouraging new generations of artists to create quality work that will endure for generations. But it's not a perfect world and in good conscience I cannot encourage anyone to study the liberal arts in college. You don't need to pay that much money for progressive goodthink you can read on the internet for free. You want to be a great writer? Read a lot and write a lot. You want to be a skilled musician or composer? Practice music a lot.

I'd recommend against going to college at all unless you can clearly explain why it is essential to your professional goals. You want to be a doctor or an engineer? Okay, that's acceptable. You don't know what you want to do yet? Then you absolutely must not go to college until you do know. Trust me, you're not missing out on anything if you delay entering for a few years. I didn't enter a four year university until I was 25, and that was after a few years of working and attending night courses at community college. After all of that, my current gig doesn't even require a Bachelor's degree. Even if you're a Godless heathen who's looking forward to drunkenly hooking up with hot college sluts, you don't need to actually be in college to do that. Hell, if anything you might have an easier time of it if you aren't attending university. You'll stand in stark contrast to the low-T progressive manlet orbiters they're used to from class.

Most of the workforce is vastly overeducated and overqualified for the available jobs. Very few jobs actually require a college level education, but businesses use college degrees as a filtering mechanism and a proxy for IQ. As of this writing, employers know that applicants are for the most part quietly desperate for work. They're flooded with applicants which means hiring decisions are seldom based on the quality of your resume because there are hundreds of other resumes as impressive or more so than yours. You have to treat HR like a spoiled, bitchy woman because, well, they're pretty much the same thing these days. They're judging you on your tone of voice, the stylishness of your suit, the cut of your hair, the firmness of your handshake, your willingness and skill at brown nosing, asskissing, backbiting, etc.

If you're determined to get a certain job, you should flatly refuse to interview with HR at all. Insist that you speak directly with the hiring manager or the boss. If they won't let you through, move on because your online application will get lost in the shuffle, if they bother looking at it all. You remembered to add the right key words for SEO optimization, right? If anything, you should err on the side of being a jerk if not outright insubordinate. Yeah, you might piss them off but they'll remember you. That by itself gives you an edge.

What's your long term goal though? If you want to be rich, be aware that no one ever got rich working for someone else. If you want to make enough money to cover basic expenses while you pursue your real long term goal, then you've got plenty of options. If your goal is to marry and have children, or if you are currently married with children, then your options are a lot more restricted. A man with young children to feed can't afford to tell his boss to go pound sand the way unmarried men with no children can.

Remember men, the real world is nothing like what they said it would be like when you were growing up. My parents often said to me, "The real world is nothing like high school." In a way they were right: it's like high school squared. The entertainment industry in particular is almost entirely fueled by old resentments that have been smoldering since high school, whether those resentments are based in reality or not. I exhort all men who may read my words not to take your difficulties personally. Your parents spoke to you out of love and naivete. Your teachers and the government have a direct financial interest in steering you along the college route. College was supposed to afford us sushi but many college graduates still eat Ramen for years afterward. You may be feeling like a failure if you're not living up to society's expectations that you be a good consumer-wage slave. As long as you're still breathing, there's always hope.


  1. Nice piece. I caught it on Henry Makow's site. Being a little older than you and having been through the whole University bit, both liberal arts and science, I have to agree with you, and also disagree. OK. Why agree? Because truly if you want to get real liberal arts knowledge, then it's up to you, as you said. You have to counter all the insidious and even inane Leftist crap they feed you on your own. You have to do your own research to dismantle what they are indoctrinating you with. But then you have to keep it to yourself. That is the hard part. If you do not and start challenging the dogma in academia you will never get anywhere with that liberal arts because the University acts as a gate keeper to keep the "unbelievers" in the dogma out of the system.

    And that brings me to the disagree part. The system rewards very well. And Universities are the gate keepers to the system. Enough said, I think. And this is coming in hindsight from somebody who did it all the wrong way and went the own business route as a result.

    1. Welcome, and thank you for reading. I was curious who had Tweeted this entry, heh.

      Going to college can be lucrative for some people, no doubt. But I think it has less to do with the education and more with the connections you make.