Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Music break

Xenogears was shocking to me when I first played it back in the late 90s. When I looked at the cover art and read the blurbs on the CD case, I thought, "Cool, I get to drive giant robots and blow shit up." In addition to that, it had the most ambitious and convoluted plot of any game I've ever played before or since, touching on religion, philosophy, evolution, nanotechnology, and psychology. Beefy Levinson the high school nerd ate it up. When I played it the first time, I didn't mind the second disc at all. Rumor has it Squaresoft pulled money and manpower out of the Xenogears project to focus on Final Fantasy VIII. The second disc contained much more narrative cut scenes and much less action. The song posted in this entry was the accompaniment to a lot of those cut scenes. I enjoy it in its own right but it becomes powerful to me combined with the characters recounting the Revelation type apocalypse that was consuming their world and killing billions. Good night everybody.

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