Monday, June 15, 2015

Liberal joggers, right-wing lifters

While musing on Tom Wolfe's female characters, Steve Sailer brought to mind an old observation Wolfe made about exercise. Most people who are serious about fitness do both cardio and resistance training, but I've found they almost always like one more than the other, and that those preferences correlate with certain personality types. Serious joggers - the people who run half marathons - tend to be young upwardly mobile white suburbanites (American blacks are usually sprinters) with slender builds, good portfolios, a taste for good red wine, and are generally left of center in their politics. In contrast, men and women who are serious weight lifters tend to be working to lower middle class, beer drinkers with stockier builds, and are generally more right-leaning.

To be sure, there are many exceptions. I'm sure there are conservative joggers and liberal weight lifters. The manosphere is rife with men who lift and are in the upper income brackets. I think the general pattern is solid though I don't have any scientistical studies to back it up. Why do you suppose those patterns exist?

I've always hated cardio with a passion long before I ever smoked my first cigarette. I often joke that if you ever see Beefy Levinson running, try to keep up because something's about to explode. My fitness routine is lift some weights and eat some steaks. The closest I get to cardio these days is knocking out pushups or Hindu squats as quickly as I can.


  1. What a completely uninteresting and arbitrary "observation", far too specific to to even stand a chance applied to real life. Good joke, though.