Friday, June 26, 2015

Our fey planet

Many Christians are worried about what today portends for religious freedom. I've written about it at length here.  For most of us, day to day life will continue as usual. We'll deal with the public square as necessary, but we should never accept today's ruling as legitimate. The positive law rests upon the natural law and any positive law that purports to contradict the natural law is illegitimate and unjust.

"The American people" doesn't carry the same connotations as, say, the German people or the Chinese people. The Narrative holds that America is a nation of immigrants and that talk of core Americans is raciss and exclusionary. We are united by the ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. For that reason, many right-liberal Americans recoil in horror if we criticize either document. For now they can take refuge in the Supreme Court's invention from wholecloth of a right to sodomite marriage (and they did manufacture it, don't misunderstand me.) But suppose we eventually passed Constitutional amendments explicitly guaranteeing positive rights to abortion and sodomy. If the Constitution explicitly violates the natural law, then right-liberals fear that the government would become illegitimate and we'd cease to be a nation at all. Balderdash. Caesar may try to violate the natural law, but we still have to obey the traffic laws.

Of course this will have serious implications for anyone considering government work that involves swearing to uphold the U.S. or state constitutions. I don't regret my own military service but if I had children I would strongly discourage them from going the same route. Bonald suggests that Christians need to become much more tribal. That post struck a cord with me. Godless heathens and Protestants seldom make me angry, but if I had any hair on my head I'd tear it out in rages over my fellow Catholics who side with the Church's enemies. Remember: Catholics support same-sex "marriage" at rates equal to or greater than the population as a whole.

As for me, my go-to response to inquiries on the subject is, "Yes, I oppose same-sex marriage. Go cry about it."


  1. People make hay of Rod Dreher's 'Benedict Option'.I think we need that as a baseline, but at least five times more extreme and radical. If Christians are the enemy of the state, then the state is the enemy of God.

  2. There wasn't a peep about the ruling from any of my Protestant friends, evangelical or mainstream. Not a word. The libertarians on the other hand were tripping over themselves to prove their relevance by dumping on trads and dredging up obscure Wikipedia pages about 90-year-old gay libertarians to prove that they hated traditional marriage before hating traditional marriage was cool.

    Yet oddly, like you say, none of that surprises or enrages me nearly as much as the one Catholic I know, in formation to become a Maronite subdeacon, who publicly made some enthusiastic pro-SSM FB posts, and who privately told me that he was doing it to improve the Church's image and head off persecution (i.e., to save his own ass). I've a letter in the works ratting his treacherous ass out to his ordinary.

    That is tribalism. I don't expect anything better from the ignorant barbarians on the outside. I do expect better from my kind. "Alien" is a less repulsive category than "traitor."

    1. I applaud your prospective letter! Let us hope it shuts him down.

      "If I had but one bullet and were faced by both and enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it"

      - Corneliu Zelea Codreanu

  3. Interesting article. I had to go and read Drehers article and Bonalds article. I agree with both of them. I am a Christian/Catholic and it seems that I am forced to choose between my faith and my national identity. I feel like a pilgrim in a far country. So I believe the only way forward is to focus on my community and building faith and living my life according to my faith.