Friday, June 12, 2015

The most important lesson

Gender is a social construct but race has certain physical cha... uh, that's not to say I pay attention to race because we're all the human race but... oh, wait, that's not to say I'm microaggressing against your struggles as a black wo... uh, that is, if you identify as a black, I mean African-American, woman... but gender doesn't have similar phys... wait, they do, and if you... damn it, look. The important thing here is cishet white men are evil, okay?! We can all agree on that, right?!

It's interesting to watch complete anarchic self-will crash into the brick wall of reality. Mentally ill men can mutilate themselves and start wearing skirts, and they receive standing ovations.  Today Rachel Dolezal is mostly a laughing stock, but I've seen several liberal acquaintances seriously argue that race is simply a social construct as well so it's perfectly normal and healthy if people want to change themselves at will. If you want to learn what someone truly believes about race, find out where they send their children to school.

When progressives describe something as a "social construct," what they mean is, "[X] can be made not to matter with the right conditioning." They come pouring into academia and the liberal arts so they can slowly condition us out of reality. Who are you going to believe, your lying eyes or the Black Studies major? That's not a rhetorical question. If you answer incorrectly then you're an awful person who should be fired.

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