Thursday, July 16, 2015

A man of many hats

One of my first jobs when I came home from the Army was a staff writer for my local newspaper. I had no experience or academic education in journalism, but I was hired because the staff was impressed with my letters to the editor. I covered the 2002 election cycle which proved to be boring. My district is so overwhelmingly Republican that there's no real competition in the general election. The action was in the primaries. My then Congressman faced an unknown challenger who was brand new to politics and it showed. He gave straight answers to questions and made no secret of how he disliked the Congressman personally. The mainstream candidates stuck closely to their talking points, though off the record they managed to come across as human beings. I had the most fun visiting the third parties, the Libertarians and the Greens. Those guys know how to party, no pun intended.

I secured a second job today to supplement my writing income. The manager said I pretty much had the job the moment I walked in and handed them a physical copy of my resume. She was almost apologetic when she said I still had to painstakingly fill out an online application with the same information. But when they spend most of the interview selling the company to you instead of you selling yourself to them, it's always a good sign. I told them right away that I consider my true career to be writing and that I applied in order to make more money. Supposedly that's a big no-no, but the District Manager said he appreciated my honesty and looks forward to working with me.

I suppose it's possible in the future that some crusading SJW will try to get me fired for the badthink I publish online. If you're dying of curiosity and you frame the Google search correctly, anyone can learn my real name in a few minutes. I publish under a pen name more out of long habit than any need to protect my career, although ironically the one time my writing got me in trouble was in the seminary, heh. "Beefy Levinson" is not the first nom de blog I've used. In fact, many years ago one of my pen names appeared in the Los Angeles Times, cited as an example of Catholic pro-life extremism after the California Legislature passed a particularly bad bill. That was back before Livejourna was conquered by its Russian overlords.

I've been a soldier, a journalist, a retail zombie, a seminarian, a secretary, a catechist, a LifeTeen volunteer, and now my latest gig. The one constant has been I've always kept up with my writing. One of my greatest regrets is deleting the old Livejournal blog, and if I could take it back I would. Not because it was particularly great writing or thinking, but because it showed several years worth of growth. I wrote about my conversion to Catholicism as I was going through RCIA. I started it in 2002 as a bog standard neo-con right-liberal, but my beliefs markedly changed as the years when by. Now I'm a Catholic reactionary who thinks mainstream politics is enormously depressing when it's not uproariously farcical.

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  1. It is always interesting to me to see how other guys went through the same process as myself, and at roughly the same time, too.