Thursday, July 16, 2015

As an evil slave holding white man once said

The tree of diversity must be watered with the blood of core Americans and Marines from time to time. The shooter, Mohammed Youssef Abdulazeez, is apparently Kuwaiti by birth. An ISIS Twitter account gloated over the violence (fortunately the badthinkers Heartiste and Mike Cernovich are suspended.) In the days and weeks to come, the left will wring its hands about one of those anti-Muslim backlashes that never actually happen. We will continue to invite those from the religion of pieces (lies, intimidation, assault, tyranny, and murder) to our shores and the core Americans who are the targets will be lambasted as the real villains, because I'm certain Abdulazeez never would have done this if we weren't racistly, sexistly, and Islamophobically oppressing him so we need to add yet another sin to the long list of white evil. No one except pseudonymous bloggers will question the conventional wisdom about diversity and immigration because too many careers and reputations hinge on perpetuating the policies which get innocent people murdered.

Pray for God to have mercy on their souls.

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