Friday, July 24, 2015

March of the cuckservatives

Conservakin is a clever inside joke. Right-liberal sounds like a dispassionate political science term. Cuckservative is a visceral insult and it's blowing up on social media from what I hear. Good.

The cuckservative is someone who publicly identifies as conservative but buys into every major liberal premise. You can easily spot the cuckservative by their willingness to snipe at their own side. They will immediately condemn realtalk that their left-liberal paymasters deem to be racist, sexist, homophobic, and transphobic. That the realtalk is true is no defense. Indeed, voicing hatefacts is even worse than outright lies because it risks the common people figuring out the system, that cuckservatives are controlled opposition.

You can always tell a cuckservative when he says something like, "YOU LIBERALS are the real racists!" or "WE CONSERVATIVES are the true feminists!" He believes we should be willing to spill blood for an ethnic/tribal state like Israel but is horrified at the idea that core Americans should think of themselves as a tribe. He quickly backs down when confronted by left-liberals but he'll go to the mat against his putative allies on the right. They like to talk about marginal tax rates and making life easier for their globo-corporate masters which includes importing lots of cheap foreign labor to improve their bottom line. About our borders, language, and culture they care not a fig so long as their personal status is secure. That's what makes the cuckservative so loathsome. They want to be popular.

If nothing else, we should thank Donald Trump for bringing the concept, if not the word cuckservative, into the public consciousness.


  1. I'm just amazed that Trump is now leading polls by double digits. This would have been unthinkable just a year ago. This is an epic troll on the establishment powers.

    1. The establishment hates him because they know he speaks for the base.

  2. People like Donald Trump because he has a set of balls and uses them, unlike all his opponents. In the kingdom of men with no balls, the two balled man is king.