Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Seeing through a glass darkly

Our dedication to Tradition must be total, we cannot settle for anything less:
Will anything change in the Church? Will we see the end of the modernist crisis? Will we see the Church return to Tradition? Humanely speaking, we have to say no. This crisis has been going on far too long for a probable rebirth on the human level. Catholics with a taste for the things of the world are so widespread now and Tradition so scant that it is discouraging from a human point of view. So, we may well say that we’ll not see a return to Tradition according to human predictions. 
Yet, we pray and work every day for Tradition to return as the universal patrimony of the Church. We ‘do’ Tradition for this reason, we ‘do’ it so that everyone will return to it and that the Church will be rid of the modernist poison in Her doctrine and pastoral work.

Would there be any logic in embracing Tradition and passing over to the Old Mass just out of personal taste? What sense is there in “doing” Tradition if there is no desire for its return and total reign in the universal Church? This would be a senseless game to play! And we won’t play it!
I fall into this trap myself. Humanly speaking, the Church is a hopeless mess. She's infected with Modernism, feminism, and liberalism. A great number of the bishops are practical atheists or Kasperite heretics. Many of our priests are social workers who can't have sex. And us lay people go along to get along.

Atheist polemicists often describe faith as being an irrational belief in something despite a complete lack of evidence. This is, of course, wrong. Christianity is based on the historical birth, death, and resurrection of Christ. Catholics must hold it as an article of faith that the existence of God can be proven through human reason alone. Faith is more like trust and confidence. Faith means believing in something solely based on the authority of God who revealed it.

That means believing that the decline of the Church and the fall of Western civilization is part of God's plan. It means Catholics must hold fast to the faith handed down by the Apostles no matter how lax the Church herself may have become or how wanting is episcopal leadership. We won't know with any great certainty the exact steps of God's plan in this life but he has given us everything we need to know about attaining salvation during our time on earth.


  1. I'm not convinced that God planned that the Church would decline. I think it might be better said that his plans accounted for the decline of the Church, which being All Knowing he would foresee.

    1. The more I learn about Vatican II, the more I wonder if it was an elaborate exercise in concern trolling by liberal and Modernist bishops.

    2. I would not take that bet Beefy.

  2. Actually, Christianity is the only evidence-based religion. Even Paul urged people to "weigh the evidence" and not believe something simply because he said so. Ceetainly far more evidence-based than the new modern religions, such as "Global Warming", "Rape Culture", etc