Thursday, July 30, 2015

What if I told you that you took the purple pill?

Last week's article garnered many more comments than I was expecting for one that focused so much on classical theology and philosophy. The Right is mostly white men with a true diversity of viewpoints, in contrast to the Left which is a Coalition of the Fringes that marches in ideological lockstep when it comes to sticking it cishet white male shitlords. I'm a firm believer in no enemies to the Right. The Church would have much more success at bringing in converts if she focused on those who are as disgusted with liberalism as we are.

Given the nature of discussions about God's existence, lots of flat earth atheists showed up to vent their spleens about how religion is fairy tales, superstition, bronze age myths (I hear that term "bronze age" come up a lot; did it become a meme a few years back or something?) and of no use for the Nietzschean superman who has liberated himself from the shackles which bound his stupid benighted ancestors.

Men who reject progressivism but also angrily reject God have taken the purple pill. Rather disconnecting, they've pulled up stakes and relocated to another corner of the Matrix. If the red pill means seeing reality as it truly is, then that necessarily entails acknowledging that some truths transcend man or our ability to know it through the scientific method (the most ardent proponents of science on the internet are generally the ones who understand the least.) You'd think that a man who realizes that gender equality and feminism are manifest lies would be open to considering that maybe other things he's been raised with - positivism, post-modernism, materialism - are also lies.

For example, fat acceptance will never sink in among the general population, no matter what they may say to the pollsters. Attraction cannot be negotiated. A 400 pound woman in a wheelchair will not get the same attention from men as an HB10. The fat woman may be a perfectly kind hearted individual with a beautiful soul in the eyes of God, but the great majority of men simply won't find her sexually attractive. Beauty is objective. Men can reasonably disagree on whether Mozart's or Shostakovich's music is more beautiful, but they are both, in fact, beautiful. A man who interjected that he thinks Miley Cyrus's music is more beautiful would be considered having poor taste or ignorant of music.

But if we're simply meat robots, then it doesn't make a lot of sense to speak of the objectivity of truth, goodness, and beauty. If materialism is true and metaphysics is nothing but mystical mumbo-jumbo, then we've nowhere else to turn. Reality is whatever the powerful say it is because they have the most guns. Against Islam in particular, secular liberalism stands no chance. You can only fight an evil and false religion with the true and good religion.

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