Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life among the proles

Compared to the other major cities of California, Sacramento is low-key and conservative; think the 1950's era Democrats, as opposed to San Francisco where politics is a mix of ruthless tribal competition between the gays and the Asians, and Comintern hair-splitting on points of doctrine. Highway 50's western terminus is nearby:

As you drive east toward South Lake Tahoe, the big cities become small towns, and the towns become more monochromatic and working class. Think men with copstaches and women who are 30 but look 40. The day is done, the night is come, and all they want is their cheap beer, cigarettes, and scratchers. They'll crash at home, maybe watch TV for three or four hours, and then begin again tomorrow morning when they drop in to get more cigarettes, a 24 oz. coffee loaded with cream and sugar, maybe an energy drink, and a few candy bars.

Sandwiched between Sacramento and Placerville are the cities of El Dorado Hills and Folsom. They've got their substrata of poor and working class, but they are both significantly wealthier than the suburbs of Citrus Heights and Orangevale on the one side, Cameron Park and Shingle Springs on the other. In EDH and Folsom we have upper middle to upper class professionals who pull in six figures a year as lawyers, doctors, bankers, real estate brokers. They're the sort of people whose children prefer coke and heroin to the trashy meth and marijuana of the proles.

Although I'm more articulate than the average bear, I've always gotten along better with the proles than our wealthy, supposed betters. Yes, the people in the lower classes have often made and continue making bad decisions, but there's an honesty and unpretentiousness I've always appreciated. One of them said to be one day, "You don't talk much, do you Andrew?" I replied, "Talking? You mean that thing women and gays like?" She laughed and said, "I bet a lot of people don't pick up on that dry sense of humor of yours."

Your social life suffers a bit when you work nights, but it's enjoyable in the sense that people can be more easy going at that hour, and you can joke and laugh with them more as they're probably a little drunk or high or both.

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