Friday, August 28, 2015

My new column at Return of Kings

In this week's column, I briefly talk about my time in the seminary and recount my field trip with our diocesan exorcist:
The one time my writing has ever gotten me in trouble in real life was when I was a seminarian. I wrote to a priest friend back home about my experiences, describing both the good and the bad. Something I said pissed him off because by the end of that year the rector expressed “concerns” about me and wanted a meeting with my vocation director and me. That was the beginning of the end of my time as a seminarian.
The vocation director at the time also served as the diocesan exorcist. On the morning of our meeting with the rector, he said, “I need to make a stop along the way. You’re welcome to assist if you want.”
“Assist with what?” I asked.
“I need to bless and cleanse an infested house,” he replied.
“Oh. Uh… what do I need to do?”
“Well, first we both need to go to confession.”
Read the rest there. The exorcist is currently serving as a parish pastor. During a spell of unemployment, I did volunteer work at his parish as a way to keep the resume updated. He's a good man and a good priest, but I wish he had a more forceful personality when dealing with parishioners, heh.


  1. Great column on ROK today. I'm actually very interested in the RCC, but I get the impression that the church leadership has a lot of problems.


    1. Thank you. And you have a gift for understatement regarding the Church's leadership, heh. If you're considering joining, don't let that stop you. Jesus Christ was betrayed by a man he personally chose.

    2. Thanks. I keep up on Pope Francis and all the things he has done to weaken the church. What about the priests? How bad is it? Whenever I go to a RCC I just assume the priests are gays or pedos, although I have met a few really good ones. Many of them seem bored and interested during mass. My wife and I have started going go a church that is ministered by the Dominicans and includes a Latin Rite, and it seems a lot better.

      -Sven, I've published a few times on ROK under "Mjolnir"

    3. The priesthood is disproportionately homosexual compared to the general population. And there are priests who are bored or who have even lost the faith. A good priest is worth his weight in gold, and he's worth driving further to find.

      In my own diocese, the priests are elderly Irishmen, middle aged Mexicans, and young Filipinos. Some of them strike me as social workers who can't date. But there are many good ones scattered around, such as the exorcist I wrote about. He's one of the very few native born white guys in the priesthood here, heh.

  2. Following your lead with these great articles perhaps, I posted my first ROK piece today

    Hope you get the time to read it.

  3. I would love to hear more on this subject.

    What is your opinion about Father Malachi Martin?

    1. I've read his three most well known books, and I enjoy listening to his old interviews on YouTube. He's legit, and a lot of what he says is frightening indeed.