Friday, August 21, 2015

My new post at Return of Kings

This week I urge the reader to be of sound mind as well as sound body:
The existence of the soul is of utmost importance for both philosophy and theology. It is the animating principle of our bodies by which we think, feel, imagine, and remember. Spirituality takes for granted the distinction between soul and body, and belief in an afterlife necessarily implies that the soul can exist outside of the body.
Almost every culture and religion on earth has some idea of the soul. We infer its existence from the inevitable facts of life: birth, death, dreams, ideas, and abstractions all suggest the reality of something beyond the visible and material organism. The soul is internal to us, but to some extent it is independent of us, hence the term “my mind was wandering.”
To my knowledge, science has not devised a way of quantifying or measuring the soul, which means unreflective men will dismiss the question of its existence out of hand. Consider this though: our host Roosh displayed considerable willpower and fortitude in the recent battle of Montreal. We cannot use a machine to declare that Jones has 34 units of willpower and Smith has 50, yet we still speak of willpower as an objective reality.
We will briefly examine the history of the soul in Western thought, for it offers important lessons for all men.
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The way my new gig is working out is that I work a lot of nights. I have the place mostly to myself so I turn it into my own personal roadhouse with the Beefy Levinson Awesome Mix (BLAM) on the play list. Folks who come in tell me I have good taste which is immensely gratifying. When you're up all night you need something to keep you motivated.

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