Monday, August 10, 2015

Never, ever back down

Online lynch mobs would disappear almost overnight if people would simply stop apologizing. For example, if I had shot Cecil the lion, I'd have tweeted a picture of myself with his head mounted above my fireplace and the caption, "U mad bro?" Roosh understands that, and he won. I admire his fortitude, and I'm not just saying that because he's my publisher. We haven't had much opportunity to talk outside a professional level, so I don't claim to know him well. I think the Church would bring in many more converts if she focused on those who are as disgusted by liberalism as orthodox Catholics.

If any of my five loyal readers are curious, the usual RoK schedule was shifted around to focus on the Battle of Montreal. My next column should appear as usual, and I'm confident it will have something to piss off everyone.

It's common among the kids to claim they don't believe in stereotypes and to righteously denounce those who make generalizations. For example, if I say that men are generally taller than women, some white kid who's been waiting his whole life to be offended will reply, "Oh yeah? Well I know a girl who's 6'4" and plays basketball! So haha, what now Beefy?"

Stereotypes and generalizations are essentially pattern recognition. People who score low in pattern recognition are not MENSA material, to put it charitably. In this case, Dalrock shows us again that women initiate two thirds of all divorces, and they are most likely to blow up their families in their early 20s when their SMV value is at its peak. The likelihood of divorce decreases as her age increases. I'll leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions.

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  1. Amazing how that battle of Montreal turned out. Another humiliation for the Feminist Initiative.