Saturday, August 8, 2015

Players gonna play

I see articles like these with increasing frequency: young women sort of fret about the decline of marriage but then double down on how totally awesome it is to have so many hawt guys to choose from. That is up until they hit the Wall, when they scramble to lock down a provider who's willing to overlook her high N count.

The average man's attitude toward marriage hasn't changed much: "I'll do it if that's what it takes to keep her. Otherwise, no rush." As recently as 30 years ago, any man could easily find a wife if he wasn't actively avoiding marriage. It's women who are pushing the average age of first time marriage into the late twenties or early thirties. It's women who run for the hills if their guy gets too serious (i.e. is marriage minded) too soon. 30 years ago, a never married man of my age would be considered an odd duck, at best. Today, many of my friends have been through the divorce grinder and they say I'm fortunate to have avoided that.

Today the marriage minded man has to actively seek out a marriage minded woman, which is more difficult than it sounds even within a traditional religious community. Regular Mass going Catholic parents often encourage their daughters to pursue college and career in their 20's, which is a de facto putting off of marriage. It used to be commonplace for Catholic grandmas to play matchmaker for the single Catholic man in the pews. If he went to Mass every Sunday and had a steady job, he'd never lack for choices. That is no longer the case.

Players and sluts ye shall always have with you, but the world incentivizes young people to be that way. Catholics unwittingly reinforce the spirit of the world by embracing feminism and modernism. Catholics famously ignore the Church's teaching about the sinfulness of artificial contraception, which has contributed to the devolution of marriage from an institution devoted to rearing children to a public declaration of fuzzy feels. It's difficult enough to live the faith when you have a strong community to fall back on. It's harder still when you don't.


  1. It's all regurgitation now, Boofy.

    Now I want pizza. Fuck these image-captchas.

    1. That's what happens when you're anonymous, dude.

    2. I see what is happening with my son and his peers. Mid-twenties and none has a steady girlfriend or even the prospects of one. The thing is that girls are being raised in the New Millennium, while boys are being raised as if it is still the 1950s. The boys are trying to be everything that our society tells them that girls want and failing miserably.

  2. Imagine the following: Someone walks up holding a double-barrelled sawn-off shotgun, it has double triggers as well and both hammers are cocked. You're told that one barrel is loaded with buckshot and the other is empty. You're then told to point it at yourself, pick a trigger and pull it. If you pick the empty barrel you win all sorts of cash and prizes, if however you don't..........well the thought is rather unpleasant. That's marriage nowadays. Anybody in their right mind will of course decline the offer.