Saturday, August 1, 2015

You can choose whatever you like, so long as it's liberalism

Left- and right-liberals (also known as cuckservatives) both accept the premise that the highest principle of politics is freedom. They believe that we have transcended the petty religious, racial, and tribal squabbles of bygone eras and that history has culminated in liberalism, with right-liberals generally preferring liberalism as it was forty to fifty years ago. Liberalism sees itself as metaphysically neutral, an impartial umpire that ensures none of the tribes within its loving embrace oppresses the others. It's not a coincidence that the State has grown ever larger and more intrusive along with the vibrant diversity of the United States.

Freedom means we are able to choose what we wish to choose. Making freedom our highest principle is therefore contradictory as politics essentially means resolving disputes. Freedom as such makes no distinctions between good and evil. If Jones wants to sell the organs of murdered babies from a Planned Parenthood clinic and Smith thinks Jones should swing from a lamppost for doing so, they cannot both have what they want. If freedom is treated as the highest good, then discrimination between good and evil becomes impossible. All choices must be treated as equal and valid. Politics simply is authoritative discrimination in favor of a particular worldview. A metaphysically "neutral" politics is incoherent and naturally results in wickedness flourishing.

The other guiding principle of liberalism is equality. Equality means reconstructing society as though certain facts were not true such as men and women are different, or that there are intractable differences between races. The alt-right does a lot of good work exposing the follies of equalism, and more power to them. If you wish to permanently escape the mind trap of liberalism though, it's not enough to reject equality. That's only a half-way measure. You must also reject liberalism's idea of freedom.

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